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I am working on new Vlogs especially over Christmas ;)

Getting my new tattoo done

Yes I will finally get my sleeve done this year. On December 30th I will get my sleeve on my left arm done ;) Stay tune and follow me on my Instagram to see it the day I will get it!!!

Mercedes SLC43 AMG impressive 0to60


Vlog 30 Christmas time ;)


Taking the GLE a little offroad Vlog


Having a little fun ;)

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Last beach trip for this year

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Video updates

Working on a lot more videos stay tuned on my Instagram and Youtube ;)

Thank you guys so much for your passion and support!!!

Picking up the GLE350 4matic


0 to 60 times in the SLC43 AMG

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New Photoshoot

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I finally got my first AMG

I love the C Coupe and of course the Sedan but my only choices were the 300 Engine. I finally wanted to go bigger and get my an AMG since I couldn't get the C class AMG I was able to get me an SLC43 AMG. I have to say I am totally in love and it's something completely different than I ever owned since it's a convertible and two seater but it's just amazing. I can't even describe how much I love the car and of course the POWER!!

Which one?

C Class Sedan or C Class Coupe? Really love the style of the Coupe… Decisions decisions!!

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Waiting to order my new Mercedes

Three Thousand more miles and I can order my new car. Still deciding between a C class again or the new E class… Hard decision not sure what I want yet!

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Shout-out to UltimateEars

Huge thanks to UltimateEars for their waterproof bluetooth speaker. I am speechless of how awesome it sounds and the way it looks. I can definitely recommend it to anyone indoor and outdoor the sound quality is great. If you have an outdoor lifestyle you should definitely check them out!!


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Pictures new shirts

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I am currently working on a lot of pictures for my Instagram

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