Mercedes GLA

Review of the 2017 GLA 250

The 2017 Mercedes Benz GLA - 250 SUV combines fuel efficiency and outstanding handling of a compact car. The GLA is Mercedes-Benz's smallest SUV offering a beautiful design, elegance and a sporty feeling with an entry level price. However the GLA is the bigger brother of the CLA Coupe what means it is based on the A-Class basis that is currently not available in the United States. The A-Class is a common and well designed car in Europe that stands for it's amazing cheap price tag. Consider the GLA it's kind of a crossover, hatchback design that offers a good bit of technology and a comfortable ride.



Underneath the hood of the GLA-250 is a 2.0L inline-4 turbo Engine that produces 208hp and 258 lb-ft torque. It is the same Engine used in the smaller brother the CLA-250 for fuel efficient driving and more than enough power for a daily driver, that can get up and go to 60mph in just 7.2 seconds. The GLA is available in two different Engines, the regular 250 or the big boss the 45AMG. It is possible to get GLA-250 as the front wheel drive version or the 4matic all wheel drive version.

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Safety and driving experience

Once you sit inside the GLA it feels comfortable and luxurious. The cabin is quite and the steering is soft and handles great. Like most current Mercedes Benz vehicles, the GLA 250 comes with a 10-way airbag protection, Active Brake Assist that alerts the driver of a potential collision, Attention Assist monitors the way each person drives, and detects any signs of the driver getting tired. The suspension feels soft and rides smooth over uneven roads.


Interior and size

Inside the GLA is a stunning interior with a nice touch of details. Trunk size is limited but can handle enough luggage for a small family. Back seat space is okay and works perfectly fine for two people, head room is good and the seats feel comfortable on longer rides. A beautiful panorama sunroof is an option that makes the SUV feel bigger inside and makes the stunning interior stand out. The screen and dashboard are well designed and offer a lot of options to play around with.


What else is there to say?

Overall the GLA-250 is a great SUV for the price tag. It is the smallest SUV Mercedes Benz offers, but also the cheapest one. Keep in mind the base price of the 2017 GLA starts at 32,850$ in the United States and comes with a lot of safety and technology. Design is great and handling of the compact SUV is outstanding. If you have a small family or just want a comfortable daily driver this is the perfect SUV for you!