About Me

My family and Me moved to the Unites States five years ago.

I used to live in Stuttgart, Germany and at the age of 15 we decided to move to Tuscaloosa, AL because of MBUSA.

Two years full of adventures and new experiences, we decided to become a part of this stunning country and move to the US for good.

I love to interact with others, and work together with Companies. Clothing, Fashion, and Cars are my kind of style.

I met my beautiful fiancé exactly five years ago and can't wait to get married this year. It is such a great feeling that I have found someone that makes me laugh and shares the same humor with me. The most important points to me are, honesty, support, and to learn from each other. You should always be there for each other and work together. In good or in bad times, you need to fully support each other and if that is the case much success is ahead of you in the future. I am so glad to say I found the right one, that has the same mindset as me when it comes to becoming successful and supporting each other.

I want to share my passion with the world and get others to join my journey.


What path did you take in school?

A: Mechanical Engineering

What is your current job?

A: Project Engineer/Project Manager

Does your dad pay for your cars?

A: Definitely not. I always had to earn my money and I believe all parents should raise there kids like that. To become successful you have to get up and do the work.

How long have you been with your fiancé?

A: 5+ years

What was your first car?

A: My first car wasn't a Mercedes since I had to earn my own money to make my dream become true. I had a 1998 Chevy Tahoe as my first car.

Is the C43AMG a real AMG?

A: This questions gets asked way too much but yes it is a real AMG as mentioned on my YouTube many times.

How old are you?

A: Guess…!