My name is Marius Weber and I am in love with cars and driving them. Whenever people ask me why I love Mercedes Benz so much, I have a simple answer:

These cars don't just look beautiful. It is something complete different from driving any other car."
The manufacturing process and development is something that is one of a kind.

Most people underestimate how much work it takes to build such a masterpiece of excellence.

I created this website to give people a little view into my life and learn more abut my crazy passion for cars and the technology behind it.

My goal is to share my passion and knowledge with others and build a community of people with the same intrest.

You might know me from YouTube or my Social Media Networks and know I mainly invest time into Car Reviews.

I took the Mechanical Engineering path because as mentioned above, the whole manufacturing process and development that goes into these cars just fascinates me every single day. IT & Marketing is also something I have been passionate about since a kid and try to follow the latest trends.

Since a little kid I grew up with these cars because of my dad and I have to say: I am glad I did!

This website is made for people to check out My life, Reviews, and latest Mercedes pictures to get easy access to all my Social networks.

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I am currently driving the 2018 C300 Coupe


Friends and Family

You may ask yourself why is he having this website? Well, I am from Stuttgart, Germany and my family and me moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama five years ago. We fell in love with the country and took the decision to settle to the US for good. I have a bunch of friends from Germany who don't know how my life looks like in the USA. All my Social Networks listed above, so whenever you want to see up to date pictures go ahead and check it out.

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